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currently playing: hades, tf2, pokemon shield

so i accidentally discovered and i am LOVING how wild you can get with the character creator

just some dumb world of warcraft screenshots

cursed player names.......

^ she's a brewmaster monk, of course. incredible name.

these npc names made me laugh:

misc goofy shit:

bonus pic of my himbo main:

i bought hades on the 19th and i've played it for 28 hours already 😳

ok i REALLY want to know the context for this.

Charizard Color Palette Challenge

wahh one of my favourite pieces to come from this challenge c:

i surrendered to nintendo and linked my fb account to my nintendo account just because fb made it crazy easy to download uploaded videos from it for editing

here's some fun clips of my bf and me playing mario kart

clip context:

1. my bf gets destroyed by the inkling cpu

  1. my bf hits me with a green shell, gets instant karma
  2. my bf destroys me with a banana and a red shell
  3. my bf throws a banana and hits himself with it

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More purble boy

just some random screenshots

literally can't remember the last time this happened

wf and tf2 have the best ragdolls lmfao

hm.... 🤔

Jay Tholen | Sleeptime Computing

🎶 Sleeptime Computing from [Hypnospace Outlaw]( "Hypnospace Outlaw's Official Website)

src: [chao-studios]( "chao-studios on Tumblr (original post deleted))